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Model year Unit designationType of adaptation
Default = Select this type if your car has no armrest and you want to mount any of the Comfort system different armrests models.

X-Change = Select this type if your car already has a factory installed armrests on the seat, which you wish to change / upgrade to Comfort system wide armrest console (MLC310) -which provides better comfort with adjustability and an extra storage compartment in the car.

Special = Select this type if you are looking for an armrest adjustment for different types of special chairs (eg Recaro, Isringhausen and others.) Or a solution whereby the armrest mounted by the car's center console instead of on the chair.
◄ 01/1996 - 10/2003JAStandardGet info
Choose right or left
If you have a left-hand drive (LHD), select an R adapter for mounting on the driver's seat right.

If you have a right-hand drive (RHD), choose an L-adapter for mounting on the driver seat's left side.

If the adapter number ending in a U (universal) so it fits into both sides of the seat regardless of LHD / RHD.

Also have in mind that most adapters in the Comfort System (R / L & U) can also be mounted on the passenger seat, and in some cases on both sides of the driver and passenger seat. What is true of every specific adaptation can be seen under ''Remarks'' on the adjustment info page.